Crowd-funded publishing project

Where Have All the Female Designers Gone?
When women designers started talking,
the world started to change.

We achieved 419% of the funding goal, with 697 backers and ₩31,464,000 (equivalent to £18,066) in pledges.

• Art direction of the package and goods design, including production and post-processing.
• Designed a custom typeface as a key visual asset and exclusive reward for supporters.

FDSC.txt Typeface Design, Packaging Direction,
Work & Life Book Design, Tea Coaster Design

FDSC Editorial Team
Roh Yoonjae, Lee Yeyeon, Ha Hyeongwon, Kim Hyeonjung, Kim Nayoung

We’re FDSC Roh Yoonjae
Project Interview Lee Yeyeon
Cover Story Kim Hyeonjung
FDSC Article Kim Nayoung

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From "How to communicate well with designers that clients need to know" to "Healthy deadline recipes," this book is a fun read that any designer would want to know. You can read it while working on your design or chuckle through it during your break. Designers, those who work with them, and general readers interested in design will also enjoy it.
FDSC.txt is a Latin typeface created for the same name's platform, which features various contributions from female designers. Inspired by the text cursor, the typeface is designed so that the logotype becomes a part of the typeface itself.

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