Maman is a leading psychoanalysis counselling service in Korea. It offers a wide range of psychoanalysis programs, including online counselling programs, training courses for professional counsellors, and introductory lectures for general audiences. The new brand system has strong psychoanalytic associations, yet is still easily approachable and intended to pique interest in the service.
Project Scope
Identity System, Identity Guidelines, Website Design, Printed Materials, Signage, Social Media Templates, Online and Offline Marketing Materials

Project Year 


Art Direction & Design 
Hyeongwon Ha
Mother, an object of love and loss
Maman symbolises a nurturing mother who listens and embraces us. In psychoanalysis, the mother refers to the primary object of love and loss. Therefore, the name Maman represents a warm, welcoming, and trusted center where anyone can address their mental pain and discomfort through psychoanalysis.
Tracing the woven speech
Psychoanalysis works through the patient's free association since unconsciousness is structured in metaphors and metonymies, and free association traces them backwards. By following the weave of a speech's cloth, like the weft and warp, the analyst can trace the source of the symptoms.

Therefore, Maman's graphic motif is developed using two factors: the woven thread, which is simplified as a grid system, and the analysis, which is visualised as a tracing back curvy line.

Unconsciousness is structured in metaphors and metonymies

Analysis: tracing back the source of a symptom

Exploring the unconsciousness
the illustrations for Maman link psychoanalysis sessions to mystery explorations, which give an outcome that strongly resembles mystery and detective comics. At the end, and by following both memories and words of analysis, the session gets to draw the structure of unconsciousness.

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