SPACELOGIC is Korea’s sole distributor of Swiss modular furniture USM and a partner with Herman Miller, Thonet, Gubi, Magis, and many other internationally recognised brands. SPACELOGIC commissioned BATON to renew the brand identity to more clearly deliver the brand philosophy—Form Follows Function.​​​​​​​

Brand Renewal

Art Direction Ari Lee
Design Hyeongwon Ha
Assist Jihye Lee

The Challange
What was unique about this project was its intermediary identity. SpaceLogic is the sole distributor of USM in Korea, so the public perception of SpaceLogic is intricately tied to USM. However, the selected shop needs an identity that expresses its brand values and covers other products. Reorganising this overlapped identity issue was the main focus of this project.
The Solution
The brand identity incorporates a grid system that echoes Space Logic's manifesto Form Follows Function but also captures USM's value of scalability. Bright green is a primary colour symbolising sustainability. The grid system we devised was in line with the mass production and rationalist design philosophy of the early 20th century, and the typeface Helvetica was chosen as it shares the same background in design history. 

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